EpiModel v2.4.0 Release

Version 2.4.0 of the core EpiModel package was published on CRAN

Samuel Jenness


June 23, 2023

EpiModel v2.4.0 was recently published on CRAN. EpiModel v2.4.0 includes a major update to allow for flexible modeling of multi-layer networks. Multi-layer networks are when a single node set (set of simulated persons) may have multiple different edge sets, such as when people have main and casual sexual partners or have home contacts and community contacts. EpiModel supports different ERGM specifications (e.g., different types of age mixing or network degree distributions) for each unique layer. In addition, EpiModel v2.4.0 also includes further support for cumulative edgelist histories (tracking both historical and current contacts/partners) that was originally implemented in EpiModel v2.3.0.