Network Modeling for Epidemics

This week-long yearly summer course introduces traditional compartmental models for epidemics, stochastic microsimulation epidemic models, the methodology for classical descriptive network analysis, and new statistical methods for network analysis using exponential-family random graph models. Students learn to use these methods to develop their own epidemic models, with a focus on data-driven network models of HIV/STI transmission and control.
Course Materials

NME 2018 will be offered in Seattle this year for the week of August 20 to 24. Further details, including application information, are provided on the NME website listed above.


Sunbelt is the yearly conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis. The conference offers several workshops for software tools, and statnet developers have been teaching there for several years. There is no EpiModel course at the Sunbelt this year but the 2015 materials are still available online.
Course Materials